Our Vision

Our vision is a clear plan to move God's people to deeper levels of discipleship. While many choose to measure success by numbers and money, we choose to measure success by moving people from one phase of their spiritual walk to the next.



Above all, we want people to know Christ. Our belief is that this should be the number one priority in the life of every person. We make it our #1  goal to help people know Jesus Christ and have  a personal relationship with him.


Being a Christian is simply not enough. We believe God desires a growing, vibrant relationship with his children. We have designed specific environments to help aid spiritual growth over a long period of time. The Scripture clearly teaches that growing in ones faith is a part of Biblical salvation.


All believers are called to Go. Going is the step when one puts their faith into action. God calls his people to put into practice their walk with him. This process of discipleship is not complete until the disciple begins to make disciples.